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Basically, this plug-in advanced, increasing the speed of search and download eMule by finding more sources to download, getting the most out of network bandwidth and the use of connection. Furthermore, eMule EZ Booster scholarships for further improvements eMule client native to include new features.
EMule EZ Booster is a plug-in system with light and minimal hardware requirements. The advantage that the gains in speed and download extra features will soon become an indispensable tool for its file-sharing activities.

download EMule.EZ.Booster.v1.3.0.0 (Size: 6 MB)

LimeWire EZ Booster v1.2.9.0

This amazing application has been designed to recover all the losses that occur when using file-sharing networks in the process of downloading. He proposes both a wonderful, futuristic-looking and easy to operate interface. LimeWire EZ Booster is compatible with all versions of LimeWire (such as LimeWire 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10) and can be used with any type of connection, like a 56K dialup modem or a broadband connection . Download this one to improve throughout the rest of your downloads!

download LimeWire EZ Booster v1.2.9.0 (Size: 6 MB)

Real Alternative 1.9.0

Real Alternative will allow you to play RealMedia files without having to install the official RealPlayer. You do need a media player that is capable of playing RealMedia files. The included Media Player Classic supports it. Supported are RealAudio (.ra .rpm), RealVideo (.rm .ram .rmvb), RealText (.rt), and ReadPix (.rp). Not fully supported are: Streaming smil files (.smi .smil) and Realmedia embedded in webpages. The RealMedia Browser plugin supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla.

Real Alternative Lite allows you to play RealMedia files in all DirectShow enabled players. Without this filter RealMedia files can only be played in Media Player Classic. This filter only works with files that are on your harddrive. It does NOT work with streaming content. Therefore it is highly recommended to use Media Player Classic, because MPC does support streaming content.

The only difference between the regular and lite versions is that the lite version does not include Media Player Classic.

Limitations :
- .smi and .smil files only play the first part of a clip. This is only a problem when the clip consists of multiple parts. These files are not very common. These files do play correctly when embedded in a browser.
- The RealMedia DirectShow splitter does not work with streaming content. You must use the included Media Player Classic to play streaming content.

Features of Real Alternative :
• Media Player Classic [version rev. 81]
• RealMedia components [version]
• RealMedia plugin for Internet Explorer
• RealMedia plugin for Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape/Opera/Chrome
• RealMedia DirectShow splitter [version]

Features of Real Alternative Lite :
• RealMedia Codecs [version]
• RealMedia plugin for Internet Explorer
• RealMedia plugin for Opera/Mozilla/Netscape
• RealMedia DirectShow splitter [version]


Size: 6.24 MB

download Real Alternative 1.9.0

download Real Alternative 1.9.0 Lite

Speedcommander 12.30 Build 5500 Final

SpeedCommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse. SpeedCommander displays files and folders using the tried and tested two-pane layout. This means that both source and target of a file operation will always be visible. This increases productivity compared to Windows Explorer. It always enhances the speed of navigation through folders, archives and FTP servers.
SpeedCommander directly supports a variety of archive formats. It reads and creates ZIP archives, Microsoft CAB files and fully supports 13 additional compression formats. It means you can unpack and create the 13 most common archive formats. A modern AddIn interface enables the integration of extensions, providing additional functionality. The WinCeFS AddIn allows you to access PDA devices via ActiveSync. The WfxWrapper AddIn can integrate file system plug-ins written for Total Commander (wfx).

The internal file viewer displays over 80 graphics and text formats. In addition, SpeedCommander contains a powerful text editor with numerous extras including syntax highlighting. With the integrated FTP client, you can both download files from the net and upload your own web pages. SpeedCommander even integrates a web browser for you to surf the web!

The integrated FTP client supports FTP, FTP via SSH (SFTP) and FTP via SSL. SpeedCommander is also available in a native 64-bit version for Windows XP x64.

- Two folder windows which can be arranged horizontally or vertically
- Multiple folder views in one folder panel
- File Container with multiple independent containers
- Quick access to Network Neighborhood, Internet and FTP
- Direct support for the many archive formats (including 7Z, RAR, SQX, ZIP)
- Integrated Quick View for many file formats
- Multi-rename tool
- Fast and comfortable Search Program (FileSearch)
- Synchronize files and folders (FileSync)
- Flexible editor for text files (SpeedEdit)


Size: 6.49 MB

download for Windows Vista/XP 32-bit (also: Windows 2000 and 2003)

download for Windows Vista/XP 64-bit (also: Windows 2003 Server 64-bit)

UTorrent EZ Booster v1 3 0 0

uTorrent has finally done it in our large family of accelerators of the most popular file-sharing programs. Users of the uTorrent client will now be able to enjoy increased speed and full search optimization using this new high-end implement.

This simply means that you will download more and faster your favorite files (movies, music, documents, applications and others), due to higher speed and improved search from multiple sources.

The upgrading does not stop here, this will add more useful gain in line Internet connection bandwidth you satisfied with its use. In terms of looking at how we keep it clear and accessible, but enjoyable, simple but effective interface displays detailed statistics such as bytes sent and received, the state or the actual time of acceleration.

download UTorrent EZ Booster v1 3 0 0 (Size: 5 MB)

Advanced PC Tweaker 2008 4.1.0

Advanced PC Tweaker offers the results-oriented solutions for Windows users who can tweak your PC system to the optimal performance through the powerful built-in utilities, allowing you repair problems effectively and completely, clean up drive space, manage backups both Registry and system settings, optimize system and other advanced toolkits like eliminating privacy tracks, administering startup applications, uninstalling unwanted applications and permanently erasing files. What's more, the Submit Problems feature gives you the ability to submit the problems that Advanced PC Tweaker can't solve or the unwanted applications that can't be completely uninstalled from your PC.

Our results-oriented solutions are professionally designed for Windows PCs to avoid re-installing the operating system. Advanced PC Tweaker is a complete package for your PC care and maintenance that you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix your computer and with Advanced PC Tweaker you can safely clean and repair the problems and speed up your computer with a few simple clicks.

Solve Problems & Speed up:
* Windows Installer Errors
* ActiveX Errors
* ActiveX Control Object Problems
* Windows Startup Errors
* Windows Explorer Errors
* Windows Media Player Errors
* Svchost.exe & other exe Errors
* Windows Operating System Problems
* Scan & Fix Registry-Related Errors
* Prevents PC from Freezing or Crashing
* DLL Errors
* Runtime Errors
* IExplore and System32 Errors
* System Crashes, Blue Screen
* Chkdsk Issues
* Computer Freezing
* Internet Explorer Errors
* Javascript Errors
* Dr Watson Errors
* Driver Errors
* Task Manager Related Issues
* Computer & Application Shutdown
* Prevent Application Crashes
* Load Windows Faster
* Run Applications Smoothly


download Advanced PC Tweaker 2008 4.1.0 (Size: 3.03 MB)

eXtreme Movie Manager

eXtreme Movie Manager Deluxe - is probably the most advanced Movies/TV Series/Actors collection manager around. It can catalog movies stored in your Hard Disk and removable devices in seconds in any video formats such as DivX, XviD, VHS, DVD, VCD, SVHS, DVD-R, or LaserDiscwith all detailed information about codecs, resolutions etc. automatically. XMM import movie information and covers directly from online databases, take a look at supported websites.

eXtreme Movie Manager is not just a movie/video collection manager, it's also a movie and actor database and a cover manager. You can record extensive information about your favorite movies and actors. With the exclusive "MagicScript" Technology It allows you to retrieve movie information (especially PICTURES, IMAGES and COVERS) from ALL online movie databases.
eXtreme Movie Manager can also read information DIRECTLY from AVI, OGG, MPEG, RealMedia and IFO (DVD) files ! This means that you can import Video/Audio Codecs info with Just a Click!


download eXtreme Movie Manager (Size: 14.1 MB)

download fix

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