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Evidence Eliminator 5.058 - FBI ve CIA kullanıyor
Türkiye'deki istihbarat ve güvenlik kuruluşlarının yanısıra FBI, CIA gibi kurumların da güvenlik amaçlı kullandığı Evidence Eliminator, yaptığınız tüm işlemlerin kaydını bilgisayarınızdan silerek başkalarının eline geçmesini engelliyor.Kategorisinin en iyisi.

Evidence Eliminator 5.058 - FBI ve CIA kullanıyor
Evidence Eliminator bilgisayarınızdaki aktivitelerin izini süren bir güvenlik programıdır. Bu güvenlik sistemi tek bir tıkla PC’nizde yapılmış olan tüm aktivite izlerini ayırt edebilir. Testler esnasında “Forensic Analysis” yazılımını alt etmiş olan bu sistem, bilgisayarınızın içinde istemediğiniz ve kalıcı olarak saklanabilecek türden verilerin girişini engeller. Size tam olarak güvenlik sağlar.

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Did you know... that the government and police are installing black boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence?

Deleting "internet cache and history", will not protect you... your PC is storing deadly evidence. Even FORMATTING the disk won't work.

All those Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail and Everything Else you have ever viewed could easily be recovered - even many years later.

Evidence Eliminator 5.058 - FBI ve CIA kullanıyor

Defend yourself! Make your Internet access safer. Get yourself a truly clean and faster "Like New" PC!


You are being watched... how about your Boss? Do you surf the internet and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of evidence. It is becoming common in the workplace for companies to copy and investigate the contents of workers computers out of hours - without your consent or knowledge. This is perfectly legal and it is happening now! Your job could be at risk, what would happen to you if you lost your job? People like you are losing their jobs right now because of their Internet activities in America and the UK.

According to an APBNews report, 73.5% of all companies admit they "record and review their employees' communications and activities on the job."

There is no need for you to play Russian roulette with your job, family, car, property and everything else that depends on it! Act now! We can help, Evidence Eliminator™ can protect you from the dangers of the Internet! Download today with no risk, guaranteed. Act now! And transform your computer into a safe, clean and faster machine!

Proven in the US Courts!

'Evidence Eliminator ... the data destroyed is "gone forever" and it is impossible to create mirror images of defendants' hard drives ...'

CASE NO. CIV S-03-1968 WBS KJM. APRIL 5, 2005


This is the view of a porn-filled hard drive on EnCase police software, both before, and after, the Evidence Eliminator™ treatment.

Evidence Eliminator 5.058 - FBI ve CIA kullanıyor


- Fraud artists target privacy consumers
False advertising has duped many consumers into buying worthless imitation software - "eraser / internet washers" that do not work - you might as well throw your money away. If you have recently been the victim of a scam by one of these fly-by-night outfits you are strongly urged to get your money back as quickly as possible, and not to use the software under any circumstances because it could even damage your hard disk! You don't have to take risks, make sure you accept only the authentic, original Evidence Eliminator™ and be sure you are both 100% safe and secure!


Do you have an ex-spouse or ex-partner with a grudge against you, have you been "Grassed"? Has anyone ever put a floppy disk in your computer? Is someone after your job? Can you honestly say that you really know for sure what may have been accidentally downloaded or purposefully hidden on your PC?

Do your children or their friends use your computers? What have they downloaded and tried to delete?

Did you know for example that every click you make on Windows 98 Start Menu is logged and stored permanently on a hidden encrypted database within your own computer?

If you have a business, protect your workplace and computers with Evidence Eliminator™. Don't get investigated - get protected!

Evidence Eliminator™ is proven to defeat the exact same forensic software as used by the US Secret Service, Customs Department and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and the UK Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard.

It is a proven fact... routine Forensic Analysis equipment such as EnCase and F.R.E.D. used by Private and Business Investigators, Law-Enforcement and others, can recover evidence from parts of your hard drive that you thought were empty, parts that you had cleaned.

Your hard drive might appear clean... but still be full of 'sensitive material' that you did not want to download in the first place and it might very well be a Serious Criminal Offence in your country to have that data stored on your computer even if you didn't know it was still there. You could go to Jail! Pressing 'Delete' or emptying your 'Recycle Bin' - or even 'Formatting' your disk - simply will not work, the 'sensitive material' will still remain on your hard drive!

You will be held responsible for any data which you allow to remain on your computer, even if it was only by accident. Even files and Internet Searches you have made which you thought you had never "saved to disk" can be recorded as permanent evidence on your hard drive

Get total protection now... If you do not use Evidence Eliminator™ your PC is "a ticking Time Bomb waiting to go off!" Only with Evidence Eliminator™ can you get the protection you deserve, only then can you use your PC to explore the Internet with confidence.

The distinctive style and unsurpassed quality of Evidence Eliminator™ and its rapid ongoing development and success have firmly established Evidence Eliminator™ as the world's premier computer hard drive cleansing system!

Evidence Eliminator™ is a powerful and easy-to-use program, no other commercially available program can do the same job. Every day, Evidence Eliminator™ quickly and professionally deep cleans your computer of 'sensitive material', leaving you with a clean PC, a clean conscience and instant peace of mind.

We are so confident that you will want Evidence Eliminator™ protecting you and your interests we can give you this unbeatable Limited Time Special Offer! Order and download Evidence Eliminator™ software now and we will include free lifetime Technical Support and free extremely valuable lifetime Upgrades! There is no risk, you are protected by our 30 day money-back guarantee. Start to enjoy the benefits of a truly clean and faster "Like New" PC! Download today with no risk, guaranteed. This incredible Limited Time Special Offer is guaranteed for today only and may be cancelled at any time!


Working deep below your Windows operating system... Evidence Eliminator™ employs the exact same sector analysis technology as available in ultra-high-priced tools available to law-enforcement agencies, for example the FBI. After identifying and analyzing the unwanted data hidden in your drives, Evidence Eliminator™ destroys it with proven methods of secure disposal similar to US Department of Defense standards for destruction of classified material.

Award winning... Evidence Eliminator™ has been featured on TV, Radio shows, many top Magazines and has been decorated with high praise, admiration and awards:

"I tested the software recently and was astonished at its thoroughness. It did wipe clean a ton of stuff... ...I was truly impressed" Mark A. Kellner, "On Computers" Columnist, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

"performs its stated goal admirably...Short of dousing it with gasoline and setting it ablaze, the only way to keep things spotless and shiny clean is with Evidence Eliminator." "Pick Of the Day"

"an ultra-powerful application... Evidence Eliminator keeps your system running fast and on the right side of the law... Evidence Eliminator really is an excellent program for protecting your privacy." "5-Smileys Award"

"it performs secure file wipes, making it all but impossible to recover data within... Evidence Eliminator is thorough yet very easy to set up and use" ZDNet PC Magazine "5-Star Editors Pick" and "ZDNet 7th Annual Awards Finalist" Click here to read review

The fact is... your computer is spying on you and is filling up with evidence, only Evidence Eliminator™ can protect and help you. In tests, Evidence Eliminator™ defeats EnCase and other Forensic Analysis equipment as used by investigators, police and government agencies. So enjoy the benefits of our unbeatable Limited Time Special Offer and download yours now!

To protect and to serve the public... that is our mission! Employers, parents, surfers and Internet professionals from all over the world use, trust and depend upon Evidence Eliminator™'s state-of-the-art technology. Even the best Forensic Laboratory Analysis with electron microscopes is no match for Evidence Eliminator™'s formidable display of new, innovative, World-Leading data destruction technologies.

Whatever reasons you have... for needing Evidence Eliminator™, one thing is for sure - downloading Evidence Eliminator™ will be the most important thing you have ever done. Act now, try it risk free, and transform your computer into a safe, clean and faster machine!

Easy to use... Evidence Eliminator™ is the essential one-click user-friendly technology for the security-conscious surfer. If you use just one program on your PC - make it Evidence Eliminator™ before it's too late!


Cia Commander 1.0
Cia Commander 1.0

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