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Judd's Duds


I know terrible pun. It' Friday people, just keep on rolling.

Ashley Judd is joining forces with "Goody's Family Clothing." Her fashion savvy will be morphed into a line of women's clothing. The line will feature denim, t-shirts, sweaters, skirts and the dreaded cardigan sets. Her ideas were taken by designers who she took on several shopping trips.

You'll be able to find her products in Goody's 380 stores. The price range will fall in the affordable category. "AJ," "Ashley Judd and Love" and "Ashley" will be hitting stores as early as this fall.


Greasy Guy Attracts More Problems

Francis 061507 01

Did he EVER check ID's on these biddies? Joe Francis, currently serving time in Reno due to tax evasion, is being sued AGAIN by TWO MORE jailbaits who claim he got em to do dirty things for his camera. In a van. Romantic.

There's no end of trouble for "Girls Gone Wild" czar Joe Francis. Two months after being jailed for contempt of court for failing to settle with seven underage girls who appeared in his videos, he's being sued by two other Florida women claiming they were under 21 when they were lured into a van and "coerced" into engaging in sexual hijinks on camera. Francis is now cooling his heels in a Reno jail on federal tax charges.
I like how he's the "czar" as if "Girls Gone Wild" was a country. That's one dirty, lubed-up drunk whorish country. When asked to comment, well, reporters couldn't make out what he was saying over the keening sobs and hysterical wailing. You see, it's Salad Tossing Day at the jail in Reno.

Crone Gets Star

Barbara Walters got her star on the Walk of Fame yesterday. The unjailed portion of the Hilton family showed up. Ugh, that's trashy when convict families show up. Security! I love how Joy Behar decided to screw effort and just wear her Dress Barn separates to the ceremony. You know she hates the rest of these bitches. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is about as useful to me as vagina.

More photos of Babs and Kathy and Nicky Hilton after the jump.


"No, Sweetie, We Had You So Mommy Didn't Have To Go To Jail...."

Nicole Richie 061507 02Wtmk

"...but don't worry, we eventually fell in love with you after our partying days were over. Now fetch Mommy a gin and tonic." Nicole Richie is reportedly pregnant, and sources are saying she got knocked up to hopefully avoid jail. That's sorta selfish. It's bad enough to bring a kid into your world when you're a self-absorbed ano with drug problems but now you're going to use it as a shield in court. If I was in her womb, I'd miscarry myself!

Nicole Richie is being coy on the question of whether she's pregnant, but a good pal of hers says she's definitely carrying Joel Madden's love spawn. "Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail," the friend said. Richie is facing time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year. But friends are concerned and "wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues," we're told. A rep for Richie didn't return calls.

Seriously, I'm guessing the baby can't exist on Pall Malls and shredded tissues. It's going to be fighting her ass for every nutrient. Who am I kidding, you know she's rocking a pregnancy pillow like they do in the soaps. Do you really think this heifer wants to share the spotlight?


Lindsay Gets Her Drunk-Ass Sued


Who's that lurking in the shadow behind the window, Linds? Why, that's none other than your sketchy past, come back to haunt you. It seems that a car crash that took place back in 2005, is rearing its ugly head, with the owner of the vehicle involved in the crash with the starlet, claiming that she was driving drunk during the incident. And now, he's filed a lawsuit against both Lindsay and the Ivy, the establishment he says provided her with the alcohol in the first place.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Raymundo Ortega claims Lohan, who was 19 at the time, was dining at The Ivy ... "where she consumed alcohol and became intoxicated" minutes before the wreck. The suit alleges that "The Ivy's conduct of serving alcoholic beverages to Lohan was a factor in causing the injuries to Ortega."
Additionally, Ortega says that the accident took place after Lindsay was "driving recklessly" at an excessive speed. He says her attempts to escape paparazzi resulted in her negligence during driving and Ortega is looking to get a $200,000 pay day from this whole situation.

NOTE TO SELF: hang outside of the Ivy more often. I need to get hit by this woman because it sounds like a more possible chance at getting rich, than I would have playing the lotto. I'd be willing to break a leg, or a neck even, if I knew I wouldn't ever have to write another blog again as long as I lived. OMG, kidding! I totally love you guys. (But seriously, I would take the money and you would never, ever see me again.)


Victoria Beckham Launches Denim Line

As if this women weren't busy enough being seen around town in Los Angeles, looking blonde, pointy and tiny as hell, she was recently on the East Coast to promote the launch of her denim fashion line at the Saks department store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. The collection includes a series of denim skirts, pant and shorts and comes after Victoria's past fashion endeavors, which include a collection of jeans for the denim brand, Rock and Republic, handbags and jewelry for the Japanese label, Samantha Thavasa. Additionally, the former Spice Girl is the author of "That Extra Half and Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between," her guide to creating her own personal style.

"I promised myself my next pay check will be to buy some," said Gabriella Greco, an 18-year-old student from Manhattan.

"During Middle School I became the ugly duckling and I didn't have many friends and then I started following Victoria and her fashion tips and people starting telling me I was beautiful," she said. "I have her to thank for that."

OK, Gabriella kind of melted my heart a little with her little quote there. But then I was all, wait a minute. You mean to tell me, she only had to go through her "Ugly Duckling" phase in middle school? Lucky. It was only recently that I stopped dressing like a straight Ellen DeGeneres with a penchant for men's sneakers and khaki. And even then, I sometimes can't help but bust out the occasional argyle sweater vest, for old time's sake.

More photos of Victoria Beckham as she arrives at Saks 5th Avenue for the US launch of her DVB denim collection after the jump.


"Lost" Creators Aren't Going To Dick You Over Like "The Sopranos" Guy Did


I kid, I kid. David Chase is a televisual genius. But bitches were grumbling everywhere about how "The Sopranos" just kinda ended. We're Americans, we need everything spelled out for us! The producers of "Lost" are assuring fans that they will have all your questions answered in the next 48 episodes. They have a definitive end to the saga, which is assisting them in this goal.

Speaking at a conference in New York Wednesday, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed that they recently held a writer's "minicamp" to precisely plot out the show's final 48 episodes.

Lost's audience dipped after ABC decided to split the show's third season into a six-episode run in the fall and a 16-episode stint in the spring with a long hiatus in between. Cuse and Lindelof met with network executives and decided to set an official expiration date for Lost to keep hard-core devotees invested in the storyline.

There will be mini-episodes available to Verizon Wireless users (f*ck you, corporate America) in the interim between seasons and starring the main cast. Normally,I could care less but the season finale was so damn rad that I'm actually going to start watching this mess regularly again. Plus, they killed off Charlie and I hated that bitch and his fake peanut butter and shitty band.

Grey Gardens 2007 Turn 21

Olsen Twins 061407

The Olsen twins celebrated their 21st birthday last night, so watch out because they can legally hang out in bars and clubs now, take you home, and suck the bone marrow right out of you. Jesus, these two are scary. With their big heels, and their malnutrition and their big soulforce-sapping eyes. *shiver* Where's my stake? Someone hang garlic on the door!

The twin sisters celebrated their 21st birthday with a laid-back dinner party at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont Wednesday, eschewing the wild festivities with which many of their peers might commemorate the same milestone.

Aside from attending the intimate gathering, the former Full House stars spent their birthday "doing absolutely nothing," according to a message to their fans posted on their official Website Wednesday.

"Thanks for all of your birthday wishes," the twosome wrote. "The past year has been incredibly rewarding. We have tons to be thankful for. Most of all--YOU--our fans. Your support is amazing and inspiring."

That support comes from "fans" such as incubi, succubi, demogoblins, weresnakes, bog beasts and every other satanic creature that inhabits their nightmare world. That thing tottering at you on six foot high heels with a grande decaf and a Kool between two skeletal fingers isn't a human. By any definition.


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