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Nat King Cole - The Unforgettable Nat King Cole (UK)

Nat King Cole
The Unforgettable Nat King Cole (UK)


2.Dance Ballerina Dance
3.It`s All In The Game
4.Let There Be Love
5.St. Louis Blues
6.A Beautiful Friendship
7.Let`s Fall In Love
8.Those Lazy Hazy Days Of Summer
10.Mona Lisa
11.When I Fall In Love
12.Nature Boy
13.Ramblin` Rose
17.Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
18.Stay As Sweet As You Are
19.Love Letters
20.The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)


Jeff Beck & Big Town Playboys - Crazy Legs

This is a tribute album to Gene Vincent. And let me say, Jeff Beck knew what he was doing. This album rocks. Don't get me wrong, Jeff's vocals are okay, its his giitar playing that steals it and of course you can't go wrong covering Gene.

Jeff Beck & Big Town Playboys
Crazy Legs


1. Race With The Devil
2. Crusin'
3. Crazy Legs
4. Doble Talking' Baby
5. Woman Love
6. Lotta Lovin'
7. Catman
8. Pink Thunderbrid
9. Baby Blue
10. You Better Believe 11. Who Slapped John? 12. Say Mama 13. Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail 14. Five Feet Of Lovin 15. B-I-Bickey-Bi-Bo-BO-Go 16. Blues Stay Away From Me 17. Pretty Pretty Bady 18. Hold Me, Hug Me' Rock Me

Percy Sledge - THe Ultimate Collection

Percy Sledge
THe Ultimate Collection


1.When a Man Loves a Woman
2.It Tears Me Up
3.Take Time to Know Her
4.My Special Prayer
5.Baby Help Me
6.It's All Wrong But It's Al
7.You're All Around Me
8.The Dark End of the Street
9.Warm and Tender Love
10.Love Me Tender
11.Out of Left Field
12.Come Softly to Me
13.What Am I Living For?
14.You're Pouring Water on a Dro
15.Just Out of Reach (Of My Two
16.Cover Me
17.Sudden Stop
18.That's How Strong My Love Is
19.You Really Got a Hold on Me
20.Put a Little Lovin' on Me


The Deltas - Boogie Disease

The Deltas
Boogie Disease


1.Boogie Disease
2.As You Like It
3.Blues In The Bottle
4.Honey Babe
5.Victim Of My Love
6.London Girls
8.That Aint Your Business
9.Raging Sea
10.Heart Attack
12.Pie N Mash
14.Nine Below Zero
15.Fashion Train
16.Long Black Train


Big Sandy And The Fly-Rite Trio - On The Go

This is really a re-post, because it was included in my very first "Rockabilly Mega Post". BUT I had a request for this one. So here it is!

The Don - this one's for you - ENJOY!!

Big Sandy And The Fly-Rite Trio
On The Go


1. Hold Me
2. Pinin'
3. One Side Love
4. Love Me To Cinders
5. Hi-Billy Music
6. Draggen-It Boogie
7. Thru Dreamin'
8. Steady Baby
9. Oochie Coochie
10. Glad When I'm Gone 11. This Heart O Mine 12. Goodnight Rock

RE-POST! Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps - The Lost Dallas Sessions

Just because I love Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps & in case you missed it.
Remember to check the archives for older posts. But I really dig his sound, very simple - BUT ITS ROCKIN'!!

Original post:

Gene is one of my favorites.

Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
The Lost Dallas Sessions


1.My Love (In Love Again)
2.Hey Mama (Say Mama)
3.Lonesome Boy
4.In My Dreams
5.Lotta Lovin'
6.Lady Bug
7.The Night Is So Lonely (1)
8.The Night Is So Lonely (2) 9.Blue Jean Bop 10.Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
11.Dance to the Bop 12.Lotta Lovin' (Live) 13.In My Dreams 14.Lotta Lovin' (Home Version)
15.Nervous 16.On My Mind 17.Who's Pushing Your Swing? 18.Git It
19.Somebody Help Me 20.I Don't Feel Like Rockin' Tonight 21.Lotta Lovin'
Enjoy & Greetings from sunny California!!

Restless - The Very Best Of Restless

This collection of greatest hits comes to us from our friend txpinky out in Amsterdam - Thanks for the share buddy!

Restless are a great neo-rockabilly trio from the UK. Want more info on Restless? Check out Rockabilly Hall of Fame:


1.Ice Cold
2.Long Black Shiny Car
3.Bottle On The Beach
4.Baby Please, Don't Go
5.Edge On You
6.Modern Romance
7.New Orleans (Live)
8.Radar Love
9.Just Can't Take It 10.Tobacco Road 11.Memphis 12.Somebody Told Me 13.How Can I Find You 14.Ghost Town (Live) 15.Poor Man's Prison 16.New Girl Friend 17.Dark Blue Sea
18.You're Just An Echo 19.Old Black

Roy Orbison - The Platinum Collection - 3 Discs

3 Disc Set (UK)

Quote from CDUniverse

"This British boxed set spans three decades and three discs; 49 tracks total.

With a hit span of over 30 years Roy Orbison was truly a legendary performer and song writer. He possessed an unrivalled voice and conveyed a power and emotion in his songs which, bar Elvis, set him out head and shoulders above his contemporaries. "The Platinum Collection" brings together all of his greatest hits and most memorable songs on one fantastic 3 CD set. Includng the number one singles "Only The Lonely", "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "It's Over", the top ten hits "Running Scared", "Dream Baby", "In Dreams", "Falling", "Pretty Paper", "Too Soon To Know, "You Got It" and "I Drove All Night", along with other favourites like "Crying" (with kd lang), "Walk On "and "She's A Mystery To Me". Tthis is one of the most comprehensive Orbison collections ever released."

Roy Orbison
The Platinum Collection


1. Only The Lonely 2. Oh, Pretty Woman 3. Crying 4. Claudette 5. Oooby Dooby
6. Working For The Man 7. Leah 8. Blue Angel 9. Running Scared 10. Mean Woman Blues
11. Too Soon To Know 12. Falling 13. Crawling Back 14. Candy Man 15. Run, Baby, Run
16. Memphis Tennessee 17. It's Over 18. Blue Bayou 19. In Dreams 20. Dream Baby
21. Love So Beautiful, A 22. Walk On 23. Pretty Paper 24. Goodnight
25. Scarlet Ribbons 26. Penny Arcade 27. Blue Rain (Coming Down) 28. Go Go Go (Down The Line) 29. Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart 30. Ride Away 31. Time To Cry 32. Land Of 1000 Dances 33. You Got It 34. I Drove All Night 35. She's A Mystery 36. Heartbreak Radio
37. You May Feel Me Crying 38. California Blue 39. How Do You Start Over?
40. Heartache 41. Only You 42. I'm Hurtin' 43. Cry Softly Lonely One 44. Careless Heart
45. After The Love Has Gone 46. You're The One 47. You Fool You 48. Losing You
49. Crying (With Kd Lang)

(Disc 1 &2 are one zip file) 1-2 3

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